There will be free frequent shuttle service between the Hotel in Vigsø and the Venue in Thisted which is located 17 km from the hotel.
The free shuttle will drive in a route from Vigsø to Thyhallen, with frequent stops at the Hotel Limfjorden were some few are staying.

Shuttle from/to the airport in Aalborg or the railroad station in Thisted will be provided at your own cost, if requested. The airport shuttle will be in local Taxis, Minibuses and buses, or if there is not a sufficient number of passengers, it will be in private cars. The airport shuttle plan will be published on this page, below the shuttle plan for Vigsø- Thisted venue, when all transfer requests have been received.

The official shuttle plan Vigsø - Thisted Venue - THotel Limfjorden: 


Vigsø Holiday Centre-Thisted (Venue)-Thisted (City)


   Vigsø Feriecenter                   = The Parking area outside the Main Building
   Thisted Venue                         = The Parking area outside Thy-Hallen
   Hotel Limfjorden                     = The Parking area outside the Hotel

Vigsø-Thisted (Venue): Approx. 20 minutes by bus.
Thisted (Venue)-Hotel Limfjorden: Approx.10 min. by bus.

If necessary, owing to too many passengers, the bus will make extra trips.